Honor maid cleaning services is a company founded due to the fatigue of dealing with cleaning companies who don’t care about doing a good job, those that don’t even do aside the things of the kitchen, only clean the surface, without getting to think that the owners of the houses, they deserve a clean house, not only surface cleaning and have 10 houses in one day, they are in a hurry, cleaning with speed and doing a job poorly done, we work very different,
with us there are no hidden costs, the estimated that it gives you is what you pay for, don’t go out with surprises.
We are not in a hurry,
we clean your home and we do the best possible
do not charge by the hour, we charge for work,
we treat our customers as if they were our family and we do the work for you only enjoy to get there and find a home, clean, nice, well drawn, with bathrooms clean and disinfected, some bedrooms with clean sheets, a very well laid and polished furniture free of dust and
the details are important to us. Lift and clean underneath of things is important to us.

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